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Ribbed Metal Roof and Cupolas Under Blue Skies

Pros and Cons of Different Roofing Materials: Asphalt, Metal, and Slate

Your roof is a big part of your home and your home’s value. Here at Roof Toppers, we spend a lot of time up there—on …

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Air conditioning systems on roof of commercial buildings. The rooftop location benefits from less noise pollution, minimize dirt and damage, increased security, space savings and ease of maintenance

Fighting Off Leaks: Common Causes of Residential and Commercial Roof Leaks 

When it comes to roof repair, those are two words no business owner or homeowner wants to hear spoken in the same sentence. Oh no. …

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a roof coating completion on a flat roof

How Roof Coatings Benefit Home and Business Owners 

A good roof is one that gives you no trouble. It is one that keeps to itself, does not cause a ruckus, and protects you …

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a beautiful standing seam roof from Roof Toppers

The Age of Metal: The Resurgence of Metal Roofs

The use of metal on roofs goes back hundreds of years. It was commonly seen on barns, commercial buildings, or storage sheds. It seemed like …

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TPO is the Way to Go | All About TPO Roofing

When it comes to commercial roofing, there’s one name that stands apart from the rest. That, of course, is TPO roofing. This roofing system is …

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