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The Glowing History and Tradition Behind Christmas Roof Lights

…and then there were lights. Christmas lights. It’s a definitive aspect of an American Christmas tradition that goes back to our early history. Many roofs will be decked with glittering LEDs this year. Every December, hundreds of thousands of slanted roofs, straight roofs, slate roofs, shingled roofs, windows, and sidings light up as the nation’s

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a roof coating completion on a flat roof

How Roof Coatings Benefit Home and Business Owners 

A good roof is one that gives you no trouble. It is one that keeps to itself, does not cause a ruckus, and protects you from the rain, sleet, and snow. A good roof is one you don’t have to worry about when the weather gets bad and you trust to get the job done.

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a beautiful standing seam roof from Roof Toppers

The Age of Metal: The Resurgence of Metal Roofs

The use of metal on roofs goes back hundreds of years. It was commonly seen on barns, commercial buildings, or storage sheds. It seemed like a far-removed concept, not so much in the realm of a residential building or your white picket fenced American Dream home. Yet, in recent years, metal has become a favored

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