The Warranties We Offer

20 Year Warranty Seal

At Roof Toppers, we stand by our work. In addition to our first-class roofing systems, we also offer warranties to match. Our roofs are eligible for 20 or 30-year no-dollar-limit (NDL) warranties, meaning we fix your roof regardless of the cost. That means decades of peace of mind because we’ll be there to fix any problem that arises. Other roofing contractors try to impose a limit, so you pay if repairs go over their limits. Since we take pride in our work, we won’t charge for leaks, no matter how severe.

After we complete a roof, you may also be eligible for free inspections for two years, so we can make sure everything was done right. Roof Toppers truly cares for each client, and we crafted warranties to reflect that. Contact us today to learn more about our warranties!

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