Roof Coating For Your Business

In the roofing business, we always say the best way to think about your roof is not at all. Having the peace of mind of a quality roof means your business can run as normal without worrying about troubling leaks or other issues. One of the absolute best ways to secure your roof is through roof coatings. 

A roof coating is simply an extra layer of protection for your roof, from elements like weather, UV rays, and simple degradation over time. At Roof Toppers, we carry a wide range of roof coating options, including PVC and TPO. 

If you’d like to add decades to the life of your roof, consider a roof coating application from Roof Toppers!

Benefits of Roof Coatings For Your Roof

A strong, well-installed roof can be made even better with the addition of roof coatings to match. Roof coatings, usually made of acrylic or silicone, are like an extra layer of protection from your roof from elements like rain, hail, or even just harsh sunlight.

A roof coating can be equated to a wrap for a vehicle or a plastic cover for your sofa or couch. It simply provides extra protection so whatever is underneath stays intact for longer. How much longer? Roof coatings can potentially add 10 to 15 years to the life of your roof! This makes roof coating an excellent investment, especially if you plan to stay in your business long-term.

PVC roofing membranes, for example, are strong, stable, and resistant to fire and chemicals. It is more expensive than TPO coatings, but it boasts a 20+ year lifespan and higher levels of strength. 

Roof coatings are compatible with many types of roofs, like metal, asphalt, and even wood. In hotter climates like the Southwest, coatings provide energy savings by reflecting sun rays, keeping your business cooler. Regardless of the type of roof you have, we can likely provide a coating to fit your needs.

How Roof Coatings Work

A roof coating, especially coatings like acrylic and silicone, provides what is called a “monolithic membrane” to your roof. Monolithic in this context simply means that the coating is completely connected and uniform. Just like the earlier example of a plastic couch cover, there should be no gaps or seams in the coating.

The process of applying a roof coating very simple as well. The basic steps are to just wash the roof, apply a primer, and apply the coating. It’s honestly that simple! The drying time for the coating will depend on the type of coating, but we’ll give you detailed instructions based on the product you order.

Once the coating is set and dried, you’ll then be the proud owner of a seamless, waterproof, and sun-reflecting coating that will last up to 15 years. Once those 15 years are up, we can simply powerwash the roof and add another coat, and you’ll be covered for another decade or more.

Roof Coating Tips and Maintenance

Roof coatings, while a great asset for any roof, still need proper maintenance and care to last as long as they are capable of. The maintenance and repair of a coating applied by Roof Toppers may only be conducted by Roof Toppers personnel. Attempting to modify or repair the coating may result in your warranty being voided.

We recommend that your coating be periodically inspected, preferably no less than annually. With frequent inspections, we can ensure that tears or leaks in the system aren’t unaddressed for long periods of time. During our inspection, we check for cracks, tears, leaks, decking issues, and several other deficiencies.

Your coating will also benefit from regular washing since a dirty coating will have less reflective properties. Manual or pressure washing are both acceptable, though issues caused by excessive water pressure will not be covered under the warranty. If you would like tips on how to maintain your coating, simply contact us and a professional will help.

Choosing Roof Toppers For Your Roof Coating

Roof coatings are a great way to extend the life and functionality of your roof. If you’re interested in a roof coating of your own or would like more information, contact Roof Toppers today for an evaluation and quote today!

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