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As a well-rounded, local roofing company, we’ve done extensive work in El Paso with all kinds of roofs, including metal roofs. Metal roofs are one of our favorite types of roofs to install, mainly because of the incredible benefits of a metal roof to home and business owners. We produce our own aluminum sheets and sheet metal, so we can ensure each panel is quality. Whether it’s for a commercial business or a home, Roof Toppers can install a metal roof that is sustainable, durable, and lasts several decades with ease.

Metal Roofing In El Paso

Metal roofing in warm climates like El Paso is an especially good investment in durability. High heat from sunlight and voracious winds make other types of roofs degrade faster. While many roofs in El Paso have heat-resistant roofing materials, the best kind of roof to withstand the scorching desert heat is a metal roof. The high winds of the city also don’t affect metal roofs, meaning you can expect far fewer issues than with any other kind of roof.

For homes and businesses in a Southwestern climate, a metal roof is an excellent option. The benefits of a metal roof align very well with the demanding weather that the Southwest can be known for. The aluminum and sheet metal we use is high-grade and tested against the challenging weather of the Southwest.

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On-Site Roll Forming and Custom Fabrication Services

As metal fabricators, we can easily customize and form material at your construction site through our on-site roll forming services. Similarly, if you require material that’s 45 feet in length or longer, our team can roll it out so it can be easily transported. Contact our team today to learn more about our roll forming and metal fabrication capabilities. 

Other Benefits of A Metal Roof

In addition to being sturdy against the elements, metal roofs enjoy a whole host of amazing benefits that entice more and more home and business owners. Many of the main benefits include:

  • Long Lifespan: The lifespan of a metal roof, with proper maintenance, can be two to three times longer than other roof types! Some metal roofs last as long as 70 years before they need to be replaced.
  • Low Maintenance Cost: Maintenance for a metal roof is typically cheaper than for a shingle or tile roof. The simple but effective design of a metal roof means less maintenance needed overall, saving you money in the process.
  • Easy Inspection: Inspection of a metal roof is also easier since we don’t have to work with materials like shingles or tiles.
  • Environmentally Friendly: As weather degrades a conventional roof, the material can sometimes seep into the water or soil. With a metal roof, there’s no debris to seep into the surrounding environment.
  • Aesthetics: To top it all off, metal roofs are beautiful roofs! We offer many different panel styles, colors, and variations to fit any home or business.

Contact Us Today For Your Metal Roof!

Whether you need a roof for your home, business, or warehouse, a metal roof is a great investment. Call Roof Toppers today to schedule your inspection and evaluation today!

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