TPO is the Way to Go | All About TPO Roofing

When it comes to commercial roofing, there’s one name that stands apart from the rest. That, of course, is TPO roofing. This roofing system is well known for its distinctive white color and energy-saving capabilities. TPO roofing systems are particularly great for businesses in the Southwest region. As the hot desert sun blazes down on your commercial building, your TPO roofing system will be able to lend a helping hand, repelling the harsh rays of sunlight that will pummel your building’s ceiling throughout the day. If you’d like to learn more about TPO roofing, then keep reading! The team at Roof Toppers is ready to help. 

Your Building’s First Line of Defense Against UV Rays

The “TPO” in TPO roofing is short for thermoplastic polyolefin. This is just a fancy word for a single-ply roofing membrane. Since these membranes come in sheets that are usually 10-20 feet wide, they can easily be installed on commercial roofs. TPO roofing has gained a positive distinction among commercial industries all across the United States for creating a naturally reflective surface. When you have TPO installed, your building will have a line of defense against harmful UV rays. Just imagine, by reflecting a percentage of those UV rays, you won’t have to spend thousands running your commercial HVAC units, in order to keep your building and employees cool throughout the day. It may seem inconsequential, but TPO roofing systems are the cream of the crop, especially when it comes to providing protection from UV rays.

Fire Resistance and Insulation

Not only are TPO roofs great at reflecting UV rays, but they also provide other benefits such as fire resistance as well as insulation. The fire-retardant properties of TPO roofing are attributed to the materials used in the TPO membrane itself. So, not only will your commercial roof reflect and retract the sun’s rays, thus cutting costs, but it will also serve as a literal barrier of protection in case a fire were to occur on your roof. Say an HVAC unit goes haywire and catches on fire. The TPO roof will protect the roof, and your building at large, from any fire-related incidents. 

Insulation, on the other hand, helps maintain your building’s internal temperatures. Without TPO roofing, refrigerated air can easily escape through cracks in the ceiling, leading to hundreds of dollars lost due to superfluous energy usage. Now, since TPO roofing basically seals your roof, all these cracks and holes will be covered up, thus insulating your building more completely. 

Other Benefits of TPO Roofing

TPO roofing offers a plethora of benefits to business owners all across the country. In addition to the big benefits of UV and fire protection, TPO roofing is also incredibly economical so you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to protect your building’s roof. Similarly enough, TPO membranes can be cut to easily fit your roof. When you choose an experienced and reputable team such as Roof Toppers, your building’s roof will get the protection it deserves, no matter its size! 

Best of all, TPO is a very durable option so it’s an investment that will benefit you and your commercial space for a long time to come. Due to the material’s composition, TPO roofing is able to resist mold and dirt, as well as tears and punctures. TPO roofing is basically a force field that stops bad things from impacting your building’s roof. Neither UV rays nor dirt will stand a chance on your TPO roof. 

Add A Layer of Protection to Your Building’s Roof!

If you own a business in the Southwest region, then it’s time to have TPO roofing installed! Business owners in the El Paso area, for instance, are well aware of the near-constant sunshine we get in town all throughout the year. It’s no surprise we call El Paso “The Sun City.” Now, just imagine your bare roof, without a sliver of protection, facing the intensity of the sun from 6 am to 8 pm. Doesn’t sound too nice, does it? Even in the wintertime, when the sun sets earlier during the day, it’s still possible for UV rays to negatively impact your roof. Don’t let another moment pass you by; contact Roof Toppers today to learn more about our TPO services. We can wait to protect your roof!

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